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Sanskrit: गणेश, Ganeśa

“Wearing a white cloth, the God has the color of the moon and four arms. That most pleasing countenance is meditated upon, who gives peace to all difficulties.”Ganesha Puja.

Sri Ganesha is the divine son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the Lord of the Multitudes, the Lord of Wisdom, and the Protector at the Door, who grants perfect memory and Eternal Wisdom.

Lord Ganesha won the boon from Lord Shiva that He would be the first one worshiped in any rite of spiritual passage, for without wisdom it will be impossible for any seeker to unlock the doors to the secrets of enlightenment.

Worship and its Benefits

“For gaining the desired objective, or for the attainment of perfection, he is worshiped by the Forces of Union and the Forces of Division alike. He takes away all difficulties, and therefore, we bow down in reverence to the Lord of the Multitudes.”Ganesha Puja.

One of Ganesha’s Sanskrit names is Vinayaka, meaning the Remover of Obstructions. Sri Ganesha’s blessing bestows auspiciousness and removes all obstacles to our success. We seek His blessings in all aspects of life.

Sri Ganesha won the boon that He will be the first one worshiped in every puja, which is Why His name is the first of all mantras. Worship Him at the commencement of any new endeavor – be it a job, business venture, marriage, new house, or new project. Ganesha Puja can even be performed to a new car.

Worship and Celebrations at the Devi Mandir

Lord Ganesha worship is a regular part of life at the Devi Mandir. He is worshiped daily during the Cosmic Puja, and He receives a special puja on every Chaturthi, the fourth day after the new and full moons.

On Chaturthi special sweets called “modaks” are prepared using shredded coconut and other ingredients. Devotees lovingly offer these to Lord Ganesha and to other deities, who reside around the Temple property.

Shree Maa worships Lord Ganesha every day. In the evenings, She often sings first a Ganesha song or stotram, or the “Ganesha Chalisa,” set to the sublime tune of a Classical Indian raga. In addition, before Shree Maa begins a journey She can be heard saying, “Oṃ Gaṃ Gaṇapataye Namaḥ.”

Reference Material
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