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Sanskrit: लक्ष्मी, Lakṣmī


“Situated on a lotus seat, Oh Goddess, the intrinsic nature of the Universal Consciousness, the Supreme Ruler, Mother of the Universe, to the Great Goddess of True Wealth we bow.” – Mahalakshmi Ashtakam, Lakshmi Puja

Mahalakshmi is the source of of abundance – both material and spiritual. She is the epitome of beauty, grace, virtue, and purity. She is True Existence, and She resides in the lotus of peace, in infinite communion.In Sanskrit, “lakshya” means “the goal,” every aim in existence.

Our goals reflect our values; that which we value is our wealth. It is in this sense that Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. She represents our goals, our values, and our aspirations, and it is She that we call upon to help us fulfill these goals.

One of Mahalakshmi’s names is Shri. “Shri” means the highest respect: “Sha” means peace; “Ra” means the mind; “I” means the heart or intuition. The highest respect peace in the mind and peace in the heart.  When we can experience life with peace in our minds and hearts, we are offering our respect. This is the ultimate goal.

Worship and its Benefits

“Grantor of perfection and intelligence, Giver of enjoyment and liberation, wearing mantra as your form, to the Great Goddess of True Wealth we bow.” – Mahalakshmi Ashtakam, Lakshmi Puja

When we worship, we focus our attention–that is what worship is. As we practice to achieve greater intensities of focus and degrees of absorption, we find improved efficiency in our actions and greater peace in our minds and hearts. This is Mahalakshmi’s promise:  “Whoever pursues their goals with peace, will find the wealth.”

Mother Lakshmi helps us clarify our goals and bestows the true wealth of their fulfillment. After thinking carefully about our lives, and determining what will be the most worthy goals for us to pursue, we perform Mother Lakshmi’s puja and offer our goals to Her.

Every day we can do “prana prathishta,” or “breathe life” into our goals. Every day we can seek Mahalakshmi’s blessings to give us the energy and strength to pursue our goals.

Worship and Celebrations at the Devi Mandir

Mother Lakshmi is worshiped every day as part of the Cosmic Puja and recitation of the Chandi Path. As the slayer of the Great Ego and the grantor of the ultimate perfection, Maha Lakshmi occupies the front and center space upon the Cosmic Altar.

At the Devi Mandir, Lakshmi Puja is celebrated every Fall. For this auspicious occasion, Shree Maa decorates the temple by painting beautiful  designs on the temple floor and havan kunda with a paste made of rice flour and water. Shree Maa paints images of Lakshmi’s delicate lotus feet and other beautiful designs in order to invoke Lakshmi’s presence.

Many sweets and special foods are prepared to honor the Divine Mother, and Swamiji conducts a very special puja. After the puja, we sing and pray to Lakshmi late into the evening, asking  Her to dwell in our hearts and to lead us to the true lakshya of our human birth.

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